Ep37: A Keanu Reeves Approved, Wholesome Podcast

A wholesome, no BS podcast designed to encourage you and help you build your confidence and feel empowered. Keanu Reeves, please don’t sue me.

Episode Transcript
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Episode Transcript

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Welcome to I Can, I Am, I Will. The world’s number one podcast for confidence and self-empowerment. The past two episodes we talked about the podcast, what you can expect and why this podcast was created to help you build your confidence and self-empowerment.

We’re going to continue that conversation today, and then tomorrow we’re going to jump into more concepts that will help you to build your confidence and help you feel empowered.

My name is Lyndsey. I’m a confidence and self-empowerment coach and here together we are going to build your confidence and help you feel more empowered. Before we begin do not forget to subscribe—hit that button. You can also find transcripts of episodes on my website canamwill.com and you can contact me at canamwill@gmail.com.

I would love to hear from you. Did anything resonate with you? I got a message from someone that said that something that I said on the podcast really helped them gain perspective and it helped them to move forward in an area where they felt stuck. I love hearing from you so please feel free, do not hesitate to reach out.

The Confidence Podcast

OK, today I wanted to talk about the podcast and close up the conversation of the last three days. We were talking about the podcast, I talked about my story and how I built my confidence, and how I love empowering others. Another thing that I wanted to do with the podcast was to show you a person, a real person doing something new for the first time.

Podcasting is not something that I’ve ever done before. I’m learning, and right now I am looking into my computer camera. I am looking into the camera, and I’m talking to the camera because I am now video recording the podcast. I started doing that a couple episodes ago and when I was recording them, I was kind of like looking down or looking away from the video.

Now I am looking at the camera. I don’t know what it’s going to look like but I can tell you it feels hella uncomfortable. I’ve never done this before, and I want you to know that there are people out there like you yourself who are also learning new concepts.

You’re learning these new topics, and you’re trying to build your confidence, and it can feel uncomfortable. But when you do those things, when you push forward, and when you get out of your comfort zone is when you’re really building that confidence.

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Building Confidence Together

So we talked about that episode one and in the episode about “fake it till you make It”. We talked about how you build your confidence while you’re doing something, you don’t do something and then automatically get given confidence at the end.

I’m building my confidence in creating podcasts now it’s going into videos and I want to show you that in real time while you’re building your confidence. We are literally in this together. While I’m focused on building my confidence towards doing this podcast and getting better at doing podcasts, you could be building your confidence at work or in your personal life or just feeling confident within yourself in general.

So we really are working on this together and that is what I wanted this podcast to be an encouraging environment. When I first started looking into podcasts, I notice some trends in the top podcasts. A lot of them were murder mysteries, and I love murder mysteries I really do. But if you focus on murder a lot is going to increase your anxiety or make you feel anxious.

A Wholesome and Encouraging Environment

The show itself is created to make you feel anxious with the suspenseful music or like the clock ticking or any of that extra background noise. It can actually be making you feel more anxious. Then there were a few that were about sex. The podcasts we’re focused on talking about topics that are sexual in nature and they really, I feel like they get listeners because of that wow factor.

They’re talking about sex and that’s a topic that could be considered taboo to openly talk about. So I get that we have murder and sex, I wanted to give you a wholesome podcast. Something wholesome, something encouraging, and something real.

There are encouraging things out there but a lot of them are just empty platitudes. I wanted to actually give you the know-how. How to build your confidence, how to get empowered.

And I wanted to encourage you. I wanted to help you to give yourself permission, to get unstuck and do the things that you want to do. And I wanted you to have that wholesomeness and know that there are people out there that genuinely care and want you to do well.

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Someone Who Genuinely Cares

That’s something that took a lot of time for me to learn and figure out. Previously, if someone told me that they wanted me to do well or that they were rooting for me I would think that what is their motive or what they are getting out of it.

I’ll tell you right now what I get out of this is it feels really good. It’s my passion I love doing it. Someone helped me to build my confidence and now I want to help you. When I was building my confidence, when I was looking into building my self-esteem and to overcoming a lot of obstacles a lot of times there were advertisements, popups and people asking me to sign up for their newsletter.

When really like I just wanted to get to the article, read about the topic that I wanted to read about. That’s why I’m not doing advertisements and if you go to my website there won’t be any popups.

If you email me you won’t be added to my newsletter. I have a newsletter, if you want to be added to it you will find the button on the website. I have faith in you. I know that you can find it.

I wanted you to have that experience. Someone that genuinely wants you to succeed, because your success makes me happy. From there we can build a community of people that are working to better themselves in a wholesome environment.

Taking A Break from the Drama

There’s so much going on out there it can feel so heavy. Watching the news can make you feel like you’re going insane and that the whole world is going to end in a day. I wanted you to have these 10 minutes every day to listen to someone who genuinely cares.

Another thing about that is when I was building my confidence I realized that this environment, this culture, does not cultivate confidence. Think of an analogy about soil. Our current environment doesn’t have soil that will help us to grow our confidence.

And that’s really how I started to build my confidence. I realized this and I just got so fed up. I just got so tired of focusing on what other people were thinking and living in a culture where I was encouraged to focus on things I could not control.

I was being encouraged to worry if someone thought I looked good or someone thought this or that about me. And I just got so tired of it that I started questioning it. I got so tired of hearing that emotions were weakness when they’re not.

I just got so exhausted from hearing about that I started questioning it. So this environment not cultivating confidence helped me in a way because it pushed me to the point where I had to just reject the limiting beliefs in society. But if you haven’t gotten to that point, if you haven’t been pushed to that extreme, you may not have realized that yet.

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Helping You Build Your Confidence Today

And I don’t want you to have to have to go to that extreme or reach that place in order for you to make change. You can make it now. You do not need to hit that extreme, you can just realize, “wow what you’re saying is true. This culture does not really encourage me to be confident, and there’s a lot that’s going against the average person.”

Every person experiences negative influences, limiting belief, external narratives, people trying to define us. There’s so much going on, and that’s why I wanted you to have this place. So when you’re out there, and you’re doing something, and maybe someone says something negative to you like someone said to me when I was in a writing group.

Someone said that they thought that no one would ever read my writing—which I prove them wrong about that. And when I was trying to start writing I was not that confident. Their comment could have had the power to bring me down, and it did for like a couple of weeks. I stopped writing for a couple weeks.

Then I had people that encouraged me. And I want you to hear the sound of my voice to have 10 minutes a day to hear a concept about building confidence. So then when you’re out in what I call “the field”, when you’re out in “the field”—in the world, and maybe someone tries to like neg you or something negatively you can take that in, but then you can also like remember the sound of my voice, remember the saying, “I can, I am, I will”, and remind yourself that the momentary feeling of someone putting you down does not define who you are. Remind yourself that you can, you are, you will.

You can remind yourself that there is someone out there who genuinely cares. I care about you. I know that you’re valuable, I know that you’re worthy, and I am going to care about you so then you can care about yourself.

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Changing the World Together

And then once you find your worth and know that you are deserving and worthy, you are going to build your confidence, and then you are going to help encourage others just by living authentically.

We’re going to change the world.

One last thing before we get to our “I” ffirmations. The concepts that I choose for this podcast are concepts that have helped me out. They are things that I’ve learned, that I read about. I read a lot of books anywhere from newer books like Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass and also older philosophers. And I read them in a mind frame that I know what they say has value but I’m also allowed to question it and not allow it to limit me.

All of this with my certain perception of my life has turned into what we have here in the concepts that I’m choosing to talk to you about. If you want to hear about something, or if you have any questions again reach out to me, canamwill at gmail.com.

Alright we’re going over so I’m going to stop here and we’re going to end with our “I” affirming statements. You can say them with me, you cannot, you can do whatever you want!

Are you ready?

I can,

I am,

I will.

Have a good day.

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