Hey there!

Welcome to I Can, I Am, I Will. My name is Lyndsey and I created this site to help you build your confidence and improve your life. Basically I’m sharing everything I learned after a decade of focusing on improving my life.

A few years ago, my confidence was shit. Nonexistent. But it wasn’t until I tried what felt like every other self-improvement strategy until I realized my lack of confidence was holding me back.

So I did the hard work. I read the books, reflected, did self experiments and made a fuck ton of mistakes.

Since I started, I’ve been maintaining a 40 lb weight loss, excelled in my career, and most importantly, I found myself. I’m happy.

Now I want to help others. So you can learn from my failures and successes and take a short cut to your own success. I’m like the nerdy kid in class you cheat off.

And while there are notable resources, I’ve noticed a lot of gaps and pitfalls in self-improvement resources. A lot of what’s suggested is the same recycled material or empty platitudes.

That’s simply NOT me. I like to get gritty, get my hands dirty, and unclog the mess. This way I can make things right, solve the core issues and then benefit from my hard work. I’m benefiting from it now and I’ve learned a lot along the way!

Ideally I would do this as my main job, but homegirl gotta eat, so please know I work on the site as much as I can!

I do this all in a no b.s., digestible way, because thats simply just my style. And also because this shit is tough, I cut out the fluff so you can get right to it. That’s what I wish I had!

It’s time to move in the right direction! And I’m so happy we’re doing this together. Now let’s go get this!


Email: canamwill@gmail.com

Building my confidence and self-empowerment changed my life. I want to share what I’ve learned so it can help you find happiness and get a life you love too!

The most important thing I learned is that mental and emotional well-being are the core of fulfillment and happiness. Without it we’ll be miserable. And to get it, we need to focus on our mindset and perspective.

Guru’s advertise money, cars and mansions. When really all we want is to be happy. All that other stuff will come, it doesn’t bring happiness.

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