How to Not Give a Fuck

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How to Not Give a Fuck

Workbook with Prompts to Help You Care
Less About the Things That Don’t Matter

  • Stop anxious thoughts
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Spend less time worrying
  • Fell empowered
  • Get unstuck
  • Focus on what matters

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Hey there!

How would you like to not give a fuck? To care less about the things that don’t matter? Maybe stop worrying about what other people think? Not feel so nervous about the future or socially anxious?

I wanted that too. I used to be a nervous people pleaser. Constantly worried about the future. I was miserable and depressed. Overwhelmed with anxiety and hopelessly confused. But then I found the secret to not giving a fuck, and it changed my life.

If you tried to learn how to not give a fuck before and it didn’t work out, no worries. With this workbook, I’m going to help you learn how to not give a fuck, once and for all.

You’ll learn innovative techniques and I’ll guide you through writing prompts so you can uncover thought habits that are keeping you stuck. And you’ll create lifelong, lasting change. You’ll care less about the things that don’t matter. You’ll also start to focus more on the things that do matter, and you’ll see positive results in every area of your life.

I got here by experimenting, reading, reflection and asking a lot of questions. I created successful techniques to overcome years of bad thinking habits, to stop worrying so much, and to clear out my field of fucks.

Now I’m going to show you how to change your mindset so you can live this way too. It’s real chill here, you’re gonna love it!


Would you like to not worry so much about the things that don’t matter?

Would you like to not worry so much in general?

What about not care what people think?

Or maybe you want to stop being a people pleaser and putting yourself last?

Or perhaps you want to be less socially anxious?

Whatever your goals, this workbook is going to help you care less about the things that don’t matter.

What’s included:

2 PDF File Sizes: A4 (21 x 29.7cm) & US Letter (8.5 x 11in)
Audio Book: MP3 | 31.1 MB | 24:26 mins
Pages: 21
Prompts: 25
Style: Clean style with guided notes
Quotes From: Hank Green, Will Smith, Daniel Franzese

What you’ll learn:

  • The #1 secret to not giving a fuck
  • How you’re encouraged to give a fuck even when you shouldn’t
  • How to reframe situations so you care less about what doesn’t matter
  • How to shift focus and energy towards the things that do matter
  • The difference between not giving a fuck and numbing yourself
  • Life long, life changing techniques to reduce stress and worry

Who it’s for:

This workbook is for anyone who worries or gives too many fucks where fucks shouldn’t be given. Anyone who wants to get unstuck or is starting their transformation and feels stuck. Or for anyone who wants to learn a new mindset technique that will change their life.

Why you need it:

This is not your mom’s self-help. With this workbook you’ll learn how to change your life in a fun and comfortable environment with someone who’s been there. Stop wasting energy on the things that don’t matter and give yourself permission to focus on the things that do.

How it works:

After purchase you will instantly receive links to an MP3 file with audio and 2 PDF sizes of the Workbook. Links will also be sent to you via email.

Please note this is a digital item and you will not be sent a physical copy.

About the author:

Hey there! I’m a certified Master Mindset Coach with certifications in CBT, REBT, EQ and NLP. More importantly, I’ve been there. I’ve dedicated the last decade to improving myself and I’m overcoming depression, anxiety and c-ptsd.

The current resources out there are good but I found a lot of gaps. I found I could fill those gaps when I learned about psychology, mindset and thoughts.

Now, I want to share what I learned to help you! All in a compassionate environment. I cut out the fluff and give you actionable advice that works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this workbook for?

This workbook is for anyone who want’s to get unstuck, stop worrying about the things that don’t matter and want to get the “I DGAF” attitude once and for all.

Why do I need this workbook?

If you’re seriously ready to transform your life it’s going to take some work. This workbook is a resource that will help you to get unstuck and move towards your goals.

How many downloads do I get? When will I have access?

You will get instance access and unlimited downloads.

How does this work?

Once your submit your payment information you will be directed to a page with links to the digital products (PDFs and MP3). An email with the links will also be sent to the email address you enter at checkout.

Do you guarantee results?

I’m more than happy to guide you, but the results are in your hands!

Do you provide refunds or accept returns?

Due to the nature of this item, it is impossible to return the item. Therefore, I’m unable to offer cancellations, refunds or exchanges of any kind. But if you have any problem with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help you or answer any questions.

Is this therapy? Are you a therapist?

I am not a therapist and this workbook is not meant to relay therapeutic advice.

What techniques are used?

In the workbook I used original techniques that I’ve created as well as techniques from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques), REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Techniques), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Will this workbook help with therapy?

If you’re currently in therapy I would think this workbook will really help strengthen your process. I worked on all these techniques while I was in therapy and I made great progress.

How are you so awesome and creative?

What can I tell ya, it just kinda happened :o)